Thomas Kemme Architecten. Stijl-loos en niet vooringenomen. 's-Hertogenbosch.

website + paviljoen Philips Semiconductors, Hotel Berlin, IFA 2003 en 2005, Berlijn (D)


Following working-titles were used: ‘ante-chambre’, ‘lobby’ or ‘partnering-area’ and ‘hall’ for demo’s.

As IFA 2003, the concept of our Philps booth-design 2005 is all about perception and ‘place to be’. After landing in metropole Berlin, and arrival in a chaotic hotel, reception at the Philips desk may be distinguished. A visual relief or refreshment.

Through clear visibility, the design shirks the fake cosyness (and realistically does not aim to refurbish the complete hotel). One enters the empty reception-zone, with only a desk, and one is welcomed in the ‘ante-chambre’.

The ‘lobby’ has a quiet atmosphere with dipped lightning; to receive guests, explain purposes and point at illuminated example demo’s. The atmosphere of this lobby (about 140m2 x 2,3m high) contrasts with a brilliant illuminated ‘hall’ (about 140m2 x 4,8m high) which is grouped around it.
Perceived from the public hotel-domain this ‘hall’ is counter-point or answer in routing. Inside the booth this eminent room offers constant and clear orientation. The architectural space is noticeable; where you are is simple and obvious. The ‘partnering room’ also adapts a attractive more private sitting area with laptop connections in active but comfortable seating couches, and the illuminated filigrane ‘wall’.

After business and ‘partnering’, the ‘ante-chambre’ has a balcony towards the hotel corridor. Although naturally divided, this empty space (and desk etc.) is noticed from the hotel entrance as one quiet isle and place to be.

i.o.v. Philips Semiconductors Eindhoven
i.s.m. Studio Tognini ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Perry Habraken Tilburg
aannemer Gielissen Eindhoven